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Themed Shoots!


Here is how it works. 
I always come up with a theme and you come up with your own spin on the theme. You bring your outfit, I can help you with anything else.
We discuss it, plan the details, find a date and shoot in my studio in Bletchley, MK.
You will get two fully edited images to my usual photoshop standard, just like the images you can find all over this website.
The price for the shoot is £150, which is hugely discounted from my usual rate (£330) and needs to be paid upon booking in full.
Booking s for this are open until the end of March.

Individual shoots should happen by the end of May at a date convenient to you.

The theme for this round is

Think of anything you would connect to the magical realm, witches, wizards, spell crafters, magical creatures and more...
Email to book your space or if you have any further questions.

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