Edits from phone images

(plain background)

I can create some digital magic from your home shot phone images.
There are a few rules though.

Images need to be photographed on a plain background, white or grey would be ideal, a wall in your house or a sheet hung up is absolutely fine!

Make sure the image is sharp and in focus, with no filters applied!
Shoot at least form the thigh upwards.

Price £45 per edit

Edits from phone images

(busy background)

You have that awesome image your friend took on your phone at the last con or show but...it's in a carpark!

Or you took it inside with all the stalls etc., but the pose is just right and it would look so cool as an edit.
Don't fret, it's possible!
Obviously it's a bit more tricky then the plain background one, but don't let a cool image go to waste!

Price £70 per edit

Space 1.jpg

Edits from

professionally shot images

(plain background)

If you have quality, high resolution image taken with a 

professional camera in a studio the possibilities in editing are endless!
You must have the permission from the photographer to have these edited by me though.

Ideally sent in RAW

Price £85 per edit

Edits from

professionally shot images

(busy background)

Have you been lucky enough to be photographed at a convention or show by a photographer?

Are there lots of other things going on in the background or cars in the carpark behind you? But you would really love to have this photo edited?

I can do that!

As before, you need to have the permission from the photographer and the images need to be high quality and high resolution.


Price £110 per edit