The Pixel Magic Membership -PMM

The community for image creators like you!

Bringing you Photoshop knowledge AND creative confidence.
Because learning Photoshop is only half the journey.

I don’t even need my crystal ball to know that most people who try to learn composite art* or image creation in Photoshop, are advised to go and watch YouTube tutorials.

You are told to follow certain channels and ‘bang’ you will know what to do.

*Composite art: Creating a realistic image by combining two or more images in post production.

If it was that easy why aren’t social media groups full of amazing image creators?
Why are there so many people, who potentially could be amazing, giving up because they just can’t quite ‘crack it’?

If wasting hours on YouTube and unhelpful Facebook groups has made you feel overwhelmed, a bit annoyed but at the same time you are still determined not to give up you have come to the right place!


PMM is the Pixel Witch’s inner Circle.
A community of image creators who learn and encourage each other along the way. There’s no nastiness, snobbery, arrogance or know-it-all attitude in here, because everyone who wants to join has to apply and be approved.

But let's back up a bit…Who the heck is the Pixel Witch?
That would be me, Nicole Klein.
Hi pleased to meet you!
I have been a pro photographer since 2006 and have ‘played’ with Photoshop ever since I first had a computer. In 2015 I made the jump to taking image creation serious and I haven’t stopped creating composite art since.
I regularly get commissioned to create cover art for musicians, video games and more, I create imagery for amazing cosplayers and models AND I teach others to do the same.
So many of my clients told me ‘You are such a wizard in Photoshop’ and because my answer always was ‘I prefer witch’, the Pixel Witch was born.


I created PMM because I saw so many people in so many groups really struggling with their creations and getting nothing but snarky comments when reaching out for help or at best a link to a YouTube tutorial.
Nobody was actually helping anyone to really understand what they need to do.



‘Cause here’s the thing, image creation isn’t just about learning the technical bits.

It isn’t just knowing where to find the right tool and technique for that awesome image you want to create.
It is also about bouncing ideas around, being motivated to step out of your comfort zone, realising you are good enough to get your creations ‘out there’.
It’s about not being frightened of other’s opinion, about not giving in to self doubt and about being inspired!

Yes, yes of course Photoshop knowledge is part of the package, I’ve got you covered there!
You will learn everything from the basic tools to crazy effects and more here, but I will also give you all the tools and resources to achieve confidence in your own creations.

And you know what, you absolutely do not need to take my word for it!
I get it, promises are easily made, but how would you know if what I’m saying is actually true.