The Pixel Magic Membership - PMM

Let me ask you something…does any of this strike a chord?

  • You want to be able to understand photoshop and use it creatively.

  • You want to stop following hours of YouTube tutorials that haven’t helped you.

  • You want to be able to turn an idea into an actual picture.

  • You want to create better art with a bit of support and motivation.

  • You want to learn from constructive criticism, not be belittled because you are starting out.


If you have nodded even once you really should be inside PMM.


I will admit at this point that it isn’t for everyone. Maybe it isn’t for you either….
There will be people that we aren’t a good fit for and who wouldn’t be happy in this community. That’s why PMM has an application process. That’s right, I will vet you before you can join as a fully fledged member because the community we have inside is special and I want to make sure you are fully committed to learning, share our values and actually benefit from everything PMM has to offer.

What makes PMM so different and special?
There are plenty of Photoshop learning sites out there! Literally hundreds!
But I bet my witchy hat that none of them cover all of the things we have just talked about.
Most will have tutorials, but downloadable resources are sold as an extra and linked communities are rare and I have yet to find one that also talks about the psychology and struggles of creating art.


Got more questions?

Try these:


Is this really for me? Why should I join PMM?
- Only you can make that decision, but I can only think of very few reasons that speak against it. If the membership fee would put you under financial pressure or if you simply prefer to learn image creation alone, then you have a point. Otherwise I think you can only benefit from joining.


What if I can’t afford it?

- Then please don’t join. I definitely do not want you to take on a financial commitment you cannot make. It would make me feel awful to think that you are throwing your last penny at me!


Will you give me lots of personal attention?

- As much as possible in our dedicated channels, yes. I check our Discord server daily, answer emails as quickly as I can and then we also have our Zoom meet ups, of course. However, if you expect me to answer private messages immediately and around the clock, then no, sorry. However much I might like to chat with you there comes a point where that’s just not do-able anymore.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
- Absolutely! If you join PMM and you find absolutely nothing of value in there in the first 7 days, I will cancel your membership for you and refund you the money you have paid. All you have to do is email and let me know.


I already have some knowledge in image creation. Is there anything in PMM for me?

- I am sure there is! If you have already ventured into the depth of Photoshop, you must know that there is always more to learn. And the community inside will provide you with so much more than just technical knowledge. It can take you from good to amazing!

I only just got Photoshop. Should I wait a bit longer before I join?
- I wouldn’t, save yourself the time and hassle of swimming through the sea of online tutorials and start your journey right. With someone who has already done it, knows what they are talking about and a community to support you. It could literally save you months of looking in all the wrong places.


Do you do 1-2-1 training at all?
- I do indeed. You can book personal online training sessions with me and you can find the rates HERE. I should point out that members of PMM get discounted rates.


Can’t wait to see you on the inside!