The Pixel Magic Membership - PMM

See what Dani has to say about being inside PMM

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‘That’s all good and fine Nicole, but what do you actually offer? What is really going on inside PMM? What do I get?’

Alright here it is!
Inside we currently have 4 different programs, dedicated to different aspects of composite art and image creation.
They are:


The Tools
Full of video and written tutorials about all the basic tools, like brushes, selections, layers, masks, blending modes, filters and so much more.

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The Four Pillars
Video presentations and tutorials about the four things you need to get right every single time you create an image. They are Perspective, Light, Colour and Depth, how to understand them and how to create them in your art.


Creating Magic 
Tutorials about how to get creative, actually combining the knowledge of the other two programs and beyond. Creating crazy effects and magical images….making art!

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The Confident Creator's Corner 
This is the bit that goes beyond Photoshop! Here we address things like fighting self doubt and imposter syndrome, how to deal with critiques and online trolls and all the things that creative minds struggle with.

On top of this you will get downloadable resources, like overlay images, brushes, textures and written instructions that you can keep for good.

And the content is constantly growing!

But wait that wasn’t it!
We also have a dedicated Discord group where help is always at hand for anything you are struggling with…not just Photoshop. You can even request content, resources and tutorials!
You will get monthly image challenges to push you out of your comfort zone and learn.
We have monthly Zoom meet ups, where you can present your own creations, discuss your learning journey and meet everyone.
Yes we are a proper community with a personal touch!

I am not just putting my name to this you will actually work with me on a regular basis.

Plus there are always bonuses, like special members discounts on other services I offer and 1-2-1 classes for VIP members.